Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Anderson Union High School
Wednesday ~ November 15, 2017
Seniors: Mrs. Esparza, Mr. Zippay and/or Mr. Martin will be in the Go Center during lunch every day until Nov. 30 to help you fill out your college applications. Please stop in for one-on-one assistance. Remember, CSU and UC applications are due November 30th. Don't wait until the last minute! 
Students: There is a GREAT opportunity for AUHS students to go on a field trip on Thursday to attend Manufacturing Day at Chico State on November 16th. Please see Mr. Walton, Mr. Curiel, Mr. Osborn or Mr. Wold for flyer and activity release form. You will leave AUHS at 8:00 am, and return by 2:30pm. This is a day where Chico state shows off their labs and Butte College shows welding demonstrations as well. They have a showcase of modern welding equipment and robotics in the BMU at Chico State. Lucrative careers in Welding..and there is a shortage of certified welders and skilled robotics people. .Manufacturing is evolving….and place to find a GREAT CAREER.

All students:  Hoan Do, an American Ninja Warrior competitor, will be a guest speaker at an assembly today in the large gym from 8:43-9:35.  Please feel free to introduce yourself to him or ask him questions from 9:35-9:40 following the assembly.

All students:  Our College fair will be held today in the large gym during 5th period and 6th period.  Your 5th or 6th period teacher will let you know which period you will be attending the fair.  There will be 25+ colleges, universities, and related organizations represented at the fair.  Your 5th or 6th period teacher will give you a survey to complete during the fair.  On the reverse of the survey will be a list of institution representatives. SENIORS WITH COMPLETED SURVEYS WILL HAVE THEIR NAMES PLACED IN A DRAWING FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN ONE OF THREE APPLE IPAD MINIS.  Contact Mr. Zippay or Mr. Martin if you have any questions.

Today we are on a special bell schedule to accommodate the assembly and college fair, please see the following schedule:
Period 1:              regular schedule (7:45-8:38) = 53 minutes
Assembly:           8:43-9:35 = 52 minutes In Large Gym
Nutrition break: 9:35-9:45 = 10 minutes
Period 2:              9:45-10:37 = 52 minutes
Period 3:              10:42-11:34 = 52 minutes
    Lunch                11:34-12:04 = 30 minutes
Period 4:              12:09-12:53 = 44 minutes
Period 5:              12:58-1:43 (college fair) = 45 minutes (half of the teachers walk their students to the large gym)
Period 6:              1:48-2:33 (college fair) = 45 minutes (other half of the teachers walk their students to the large gym).

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