Wednesday, August 15, 2018

          FROM THE DEN – DAILY BULLETIN          
Anderson Union High School
Wednesday~ August 15, 2018

Welcome back cubs, there are a few important changes around campus this year, first Mrs. Knabenshue who was Mr Parker’s secretary retired and Mrs Ahern has now taken her position in the principal’s office.  There will be a new attendance clerk and her name is Ms. Duckett.  Also, all athletic packets, and gold card distribution will now be handled by Ms. Murphy in the student store.  So if you need an athletic packet or gold card please see her in the student store.

Cross Country: Cross County practice will start August 20th from 3:15 to 5, meeting at the track.  Gold cards must be assigned before you can practice. Get your gold card in the student store.
GIRLS GOLF:  The girls’ golf team begins practice on Monday 8/20.  All girls wanting to learn to play golf need to sign up with Coach Longnecker in room 322 for more details.  No experience or equipment necessary.
Attention ALL ROP students: ROP starts today and you must attend. For the first 8 days - Students in 3rd and 4th period ROP must be released from 2nd period at 9:35am to go to the bus. Students in 5th and 6th period ROP must be released from 4th period at 11:50am to get a sack lunch, and then go to the bus at NOON. No ROP students are allowed to drive off campus for ROP until they fill out the proper paperwork and get approval. Absolutely no carpooling! See Dani Pavone in the Go Center if you need a driving form or have any questions about ROP.

Work Permit Renewal: ALL Work permits will expire Friday 8/17. If you need to renew your work permit please pick up an application from the Go Center and return it to Dani signed by your parent and employer.

Girls Tennis:  Practice starts on Monday, August 20 at 3:15—if air quality permits it.  Get your gold slip so you can start practice.  First match is August 30th.

Today we will be on the following Opening Day bell schedule:
Opening Day Bell Schedule
First Bell                7:35 am

Schedule Dist.       7:35 - 7:45 am
Period 1                 7:45 - 8:43 am
Period 2                 8:48 - 9:46 am
Period 3                 9:56 - 10:54 am
Period 4                 10:59 - 11:57 am
Lunch                     11:57 - 12:27 pm
Period 5                 12:32 - 1:30 pm
Period 6                 1:35 – 2:33 pm

Thurs and Friday this week and all of next week we will be on the following NO RTI schedule:
6 Period Schedule (No RTI) – First 8 days
First Bell                  7:40 am

Period 1                   7:45 - 8:43 am
Period 2                   8:48 - 9:46 am
Period 3                   9:56 - 10:54 am
Period 4                   10:59 - 11:57 am
Lunch                      11:57 - 12:27 pm
Period 5                   12:32 - 1:30 pm
Period 6                   1:35 – 2:33 pm

Cubs Sports Weekly Schedule

Opponent/Event Title
Uprep Scrimmage
Play Day Scrimmage